The hilarious book by Lisa Bruna is now an award-winning play!  Operation Oddball will soon be part of the Twisted Plays/Junior Drama family.

Oliver Bloom’s day is about to take a turn for the peculiar when he accidentally swallows the seed of a grape and worries it will take root in his belly, sending grapevines growing through his body and out his ears! His zany grape theory gets him branded “the biggest oddball in town” by his know-it-all teen sister, Priscilla, who challenges him to a bet — Find three bigger oddballs before sundown or do three weeks of Priscilla’s chores! With the help of his two younger siblings, Oliver sets out on a madcap quest to prove Priscilla wrong by digging up some real oddballs. There must be at least three of them out there in the world …. right? As the Bloom kids’ mission unravels, a bevy of bona fide oddballs slowly rise to the surface. But can the kids tag three of them before sundown? And will the oddballs be odd enough to win the approval of prickly Priscilla? Or will Oliver, Sonny, and Lola get stuck doing three-weeks-worth of her teen-level chores?

“I knew the second I read this play that we HAD to have it!” says Danielle P. a Twisted Plays licensing representative.

Operation Oddball should be available for licensing in May, 2016.

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