Licensing is done through out mother company, Twisted Plays.

applyLicensing Questions

  • What is a license?

A license is a contract provided by a publisher that allows a performance group or school to perform a production to a live audience.  Licensing is the process of acquiring the performance rights to a show. A license is legally required to produce a play, whether you’re a school group or a professional theater.

  • Who has to have a license?

Everyone who performs a play in front of an audience whether they pay admission or not.

  • Do teachers need to license a play to read it in class?

No.  We offer a classroom kit to teachers that provides teachers the ability to photocopy as many copies of the script as they would like.  Keep in mind, if you plan to perform the show to an audience you will require a performance license.

  • Do I need a license if I’m using a show (or part of a show) in a competition?

You will need a special license from us in order to use a show or portion of a show in a competition.  In many cases you may not need to pay royalty costs – especially if you purchase a classroom kit.  The author will receive compensation for your usage.  If the competition charges an admission fee that you collect you may be required to pay a portion of a royalty.

  • Do we have to pay royalties for dress rehearsals?

If you have invited guests or anyone outside of the cast or crew at a rehearsal you technically should pay for a license.  The most common exception to that rule is when administrators want to see a production before it goes up.  If your principal, superintendent, supervisor or someone else in administration wants to see the dress rehearsal you do not have to pay for a license.  All other ‘invited’ dress rehearsals should have a license.  Feel free to contact customer care – in many cases these will cost less or be included on your license at no charge.

  • What happens if a show I want is restricted? or in development?

Basically, “restricted” means the play may be unavailable for you to produce. There are many possible reasons for this: an Off Broadway show, a national tour, or you may be located in a city in which rights are currently being withheld.

In development means that the show it not quite ready for full productions and is still being worked on by the author or publisher.  In many cases you can contact us and we can get you a preview copy and the author might want to work with you on workshoping the production.

  • How long does it take to get a license?

Usually we can issue licenses within one business day of receipt of your application; however, various issues can create delays. We suggest that you give yourself plenty of time and make sure you don’t start making production plans until you receive a license from us.

  • Can I get a license over the phone or by email?

Unfortunately licenses are issued by agents that work directly with the author.  That means it can take a few hours to process a license.  The best (and quickest) way to get a license is to apply online.

  • How long in advance do I need to apply for a license?

You can apply at any time.  We highly recommend at least 6 weeks prior to your opening day.  You can apply for a license as far in advance as possible.  Once you get a license it will be emailed to you and put into your Junior Drama Account so that you can download it at anytime.  Your show is also listed on our website on each show page.  If you do not want your performance(s) listed on our site please let your licensing agent know.

  • I’m interested in producing a show, but I don’t want to commit until I know how much it will cost. How can I obtain a quote without applying for a license?

Requesting a license request does not commit you to producing a show. Once you’ve submitted your request you are free to cancel it at any time if you decide not to move forward with your production. Because our performance fees may be based on the details of your application, however, filling out a license request is the only way to receive a quote.

  • I haven’t decided when or where I will be performing the play; can I still apply for the rights?

No, we cannot issue licenses without a venue and dates of performance.  You can still purchase a production kit and start rehearsing your show.  You can apply for your license and pay for your royalties when you find a venue.

  • How can I pay for my license?

When your license is approved we will send you a copy that you must sign and return with payment.  Everything can be done electronically and you can pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, standard checks, money orders or via Paypal.  Licensing Fees must be paid in USD, and, if paying by check or money order, must be in USD from a US bank.

  • I have a license but I lost it!  What do I do?

account_menuDon’t panic.  You can get a copy of your license in a few ways.  The fastest way is to log into your Junior Drama account.  Once you log in click on the MY LICENSES link in the menu (see image on right). From there you can print a copy of any license you have ever been issued from Junior Drama!


You can also contact customer care and they can email or fax you a copy.

  • Can I use a school purchase order to pay for my license?

This is a ‘tad’ complicated.  The short answer is yes, but officially you can not perform a show unless the license has been fully paid (the author has received their payment).  If you plan on paying by PO, we ask you to try to make your order our at least 6 weeks prior to your first performance so that we can secure the funds from your school.

  • I just got my license for amateur performance rights and found out that another theatre in our town is thinking doing the show. How can I get exclusivity?

Our amateur license agreements are non-exclusive, however, if you have the rights to a show first we will contact you in advance regarding the other production.  We typically do not approve licenses for theatres within a 5-mile radius for the same dates.

  • I need to change my date or cancel my show … what do I do?

Contact customer care or your licensing agent immediately.  In most cases we can issue a new license for new dates or venues.  If you are planning to cancel a show there are a few things to consider:

1 – If there is ample amount of time AND royalty has not been paid to the author yet you may be able to receive a partial refund of your licensing costs (typically 50%).

2 – You could apply for a licensing credit.  In this case Junior Drama will provide you with a credit for up to 75% of your licensing costs.

3 – There is NO REFUND for production kits.  Unfortunately, the moment your production kit order is complete your payment is made to the employees, authors and publisher.  You should consider holding onto your production kit and you can use it in the future when you apply for a new license.

  • I’m still not sure if I require a license, what do I do?

Contact us!  Send us an email at or call 973-498-8336.  We will help you figure this whole thing out.

  • Is there a law about this?

There sure is!  It’s Title 17, United States Code Sec.106 – click here to read it.

License Policies


In order to license one of our shows you must follow these rules and regulations:

  • You must order a production kit which includes the downloadable PDF (if available) for your production.
  • If you required physical copies of the script please contact us or purchase them at Twisted Plays.  Please keep in mind that you should buy enough to meet your needs so you are not tempted to illegally photocopy the script.  Please also keep in mind that many members of your technical crew will need a script, including those working on set design, costuming, blocking, props, lights and sound and stage effects.
  • The PDF version of the script (that accompanies your production kit) allows you to photocopy as many as you would like for use in your licensed production.  Photocopying scripts without permission is stealing. If you duplicate a script, you are taking something that belongs to the playwright. You are also breaking federal and international copyright law.
  • A royalty is due any time all or part of a play is performed in front of any size audience, whether or not admission is charged. This includes school assemblies and audience-attended “dress rehearsals.”  Payment of a royalty fee and receiving performance rights means that you have permission to use and perform the playwright’s property. The playwright is entitled to be paid whether or not you choose to charge admission.  Royalty payments are due at our office at least one week prior to your first performance, at which time authorization for production is granted. Anyone found in violation of this may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In addition, Twisted Plays/Junior Drama reserves the right to assess an infringement penalty up to ten times the original cost owed for producing a play or musical without first acquiring proper rights.
  • If you are performing a charity performance, please contact our licensing agents.  We may be able to offer you a royalty discount.
  • Your licensing agent should be contacted if you plan on changing any portion of the script. We usually approve changing the gender of a character to fit your cast needs or adding in local references of names or geographic locations to add humor. Adding or cutting lines to accommodate your time constraints is also quite possible as long as it does not change the plot or intent of the playwright in any way.
  • If your play comes with a sound effect CD you are allowed to burn additional copies of the sound effect CD.  We actually encourage it, since a replacement can be costly.
  • Twisted Plays/Junior Drama does not allow you to add additional music to your production, unless it is in public domain or you have obtained the rights to that music.  You may NOT add any Disney copyrighted music to your production.
  • Friends and family are always welcome to videotape your performance for their own personal use. Likewise, we also automatically give you permission to bring in a videotaping company to produce videos that you or they then sell at cost.  You can feel free to post portions of your production on social media networks such as YouTube.  Please feel free to email us a link to the video that we can use on our website!
  • If you plan on showing your video production to a large group or on a TV station we ask that you pay one additional royalty fee.  Please contact your licensing agent, who may offer you a discount rate.

To apply for the licensing rights to one of our plays you can apply online – CLICK HERE


We can bill any organization with a legitimate business address and phone number. All others, including businesses run out of a home, must prepay for all material and royalties. You can pay via PayPal or by Plastiq.
Currently the law only requires us to collect sales tax on those customers in New Jersey for whom we do not have a tax-exempt number on file.  Please be aware that this is not a company policy but simply our compliance with state and federal laws, which may change at any time.

Since we are an American company, all our prices are in US Dollars. Likewise, we only bill in US funds. We strongly prefer that our international customers pay in US Dollars.  If you cannot pay in US Dollars, please obtain the most current conversion rate to calculate your payment. We won’t worry if the exchange rate changes by a small amount before we receive your payment as long as you have made an honest attempt to pay an accurate equivalent.  Please remember that international customers are responsible for their own brokerage, duties and taxes.


We do not offer returns.  Once your purchase our production costs (scripts, licensing fees, etc.) you are required to keep them.  If you have extreme circumstance and require a return please be aware that any returns received may be refused or subjected to a 20% restocking fee in addition to original shipping charges.  These returns are only possible on physical products – NOT downloads. Damaged properties will not be allowed a refund.  Handling returns is very labor intensive and costly for a company. If we allowed returns as a standard practice, we would have to raise all of our prices to compensate for this added expense.

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