The Puny Penguin

The small little penguin is excited and ready to go to school but when the other, much larger, penguins see the puny penguins size they laugh and joke. The puny penguin sets out to prove them wrong!

All characters can be male or female.

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Basic Details

Play Title : The Puny Penguin
Author : Joe Ferriero
Play Type : Pre-Teen (9-13)
Type : Play
Play ID : 1037
Royalty : $15 Per Performance
Genre : Comedy
Running Time (min) : 30
Total Cast : 0
Year Written : 2016
Time Period : Contemporary
Est. Release : October, 2016


Ensemble cast
Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)
Expandable casting
Flexible casting
Room for Extras

Perfect For

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups
Reader's Theatre
Shoestring Budget
Church / Religious Groups
Youth/Camp Programs
Small Stage/Space
The Puny Penguin is a Pre-Teen (9-13) Play
  • Play ID : 1037
  • Total Cast : 0
$15 Per Performance

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