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Bring On The Snow

This hilarious variety show is chock-full of one-liners, wintertime puns, and even a few knock-knock jokes! Plenty of parts allow you to show off oodles of young actors, or combine roles for just a select group of comedic kids. Silly skits include a pair of wisecracking reindeer, a snowflake ballet class, “Freeze-Whiz” (everyone’s favorite game show), and a directionally-challenged family of geese. It’s a breeze to put together—just stage the scenes around your regular choral formation. Featuring two-part musicand thirty minutes of bad jokes and belly laughs!

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Basic Details

Play Title : Bring On The Snow
Author : Andy Beck and Brian Fisher
Play Type : Pre-Teen (9-13)
Type : Musical
Play ID : 1036
Royalty : $15 Per Performance
Genre : Comedy
Running Time (min) : 30
Total Cast : 0
Year Written : 2014
Time Period : Present Day


Ensemble cast
Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)
Expandable casting
Features Children
Features Teens
Flexible casting
Room for Extras

Current Productions

Past Productions :

Perfect For

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
Community Theatres
Youth/Camp Programs
Small Stage/Space
Bring On The Snow is a Pre-Teen (9-13) Musical
  • Play ID : 1036
  • Total Cast : 0
$15 Per Performance

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