4th of July

Everyone loves the 4th of July and the kids in Apple Pie, Pennsylvania discover the reason why their town celebrates the 4th with a huge parade every year. Filled with FUN facts about the founding of our country this short play will have you rolling in your seat with some quick humor!

This show is FREE to perform! Just purchase a downloadable script and perform the show! We ask that each group that wants to perform this show purchase 1 download.

Basic Details

Play Title : 4th of July
Author : Joe Ferriero
Play Type : Kids (4-8)
Type : Play
Play ID : 1026
Royalty : $0 Per Performance
Genre : Comedy
Running Time (min) : 10
Total Cast : 8
Year Written : 2011
Time Period : Contemporary


Features Children
Flexible casting
Room for Extras

Perfect For

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
Community Theatres
Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups
Reader's Theatre
Shoestring Budget
Church / Religious Groups
Youth/Camp Programs
Small Stage/Space
4th of July is a Kids (4-8) Play
  • Play ID : 1026
  • Total Cast : 8
$0 Per Performance

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