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Julia has unexpectedly been put in charge of her first company retreat and is desperate for things to go perfectly. Unfortunately, her hopes for a smooth week are dashed almost as soon as the first guests arrive. An angry boss, a conceited employee, and a strictly prohibited office romance are just the beginning of Julia’s problems. Throw in the mysterious death of one of the guests and Julia finds herself facing a nightmare. The police are called, questions are answered and revelations are made that all lead to a shocking conclusion that nobody could see coming.

Mild Adult Theme: Death

Basic Details

Play Title : Retreat!
Author : Neil Radtke
Play Type : Teen (14-18)
Type : Play
Play ID : 1020
Royalty : $40 Per Performance
Genre : Melodrama
Running Time (min) : 60
Total Cast : 13
Females : 8
Males : 4
Year Written : 0
Time Period : Contemporary


Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle)
Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)

Caution, This Play Contains

Mild Adult Themes

Perfect For

Middle Schools
High Schools
Community Theatres
Professional Theatres
Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups
Shoestring Budget
Small Stage/Space
Large Stage
Retreat! is a Teen (14-18) Play
  • Play ID : 1020
  • Total Cast : 13
$40 Per Performance

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