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Princess Rose is born and the fairies of the kingdom come to give her gifts, from beauty to math skills! One fairy (who wasn’t invited to the party) gives her a gift that involves scissors and isn’t too pleasant. Can Rose’s brother Diego and a cast of colorful characters help rid her of this curse before her 15th birthday?

Basic Details

Play Title : Snooze!
Author : Joe Ferriero
Play Type : Pre-Teen (9-13)
Type : Play
Play ID : 1017
Royalty : $35 Per Performance
Genre : Dramatic Comedy
Running Time (min) : 30
Total Cast : 16
Females : 2
Males : 2
Year Written : 0
Time Period : Contemporary


Ensemble cast
Expandable casting
Features Children
Features Teens
Flexible casting
Room for Extras
Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)

Current Productions

Past Productions : 05,/2016 : St. Mary's School, Morris, MN

Perfect For

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Community Theatres
Professional Theatres
Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups
Reader's Theatre
Shoestring Budget
Church / Religious Groups
Youth/Camp Programs
Small Stage/Space
Large Stage
Snooze! is a Pre-Teen (9-13) Play
  • Play ID : 1017
  • Total Cast : 16
$35 Per Performance

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