The Little Mermaid

Dive under the ocean with this classic retelling of The Little Mermaid. This modernized look at the original Hans Christian Andersen classic includes all of your favorite characters; The Little Mermaid, Her sisters, father, grandmother, Sea Witch, Fish Friends, The Prince and more! With hilarious jokes and a true love story this will be the perfect fit for your theater!

Serena, King Nereus youngest daughter, is turning 15 and is ready to visit the ocean surface for the first time. Joined by her charming and witty grandmother Serena’s trip to the surface is very eventful when she lays her eyes on a young Prince. Serena decides to risk it all and asks her aunt, Hexe the Sea Witch, to create a potion to give her legs and make her human. Will Serena get what she wants? Or is being a human not as easy as she thought?

Basic Details

Play Title : The Little Mermaid
Author : Joe Ferriero
Play Type : Pre-Teen (9-13)
Type : Play
Play ID : 1005
Royalty : $35 Per Performance
Genre : Fairy Tale
Running Time (min) : 30
Total Cast : 13
Females : 9
Males : 3
Year Written : 2016
Time Period : Contemporary


Ensemble cast
Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)
Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)

Perfect For

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Community Theatres
Professional Theatres
Reader's Theatre
Youth/Camp Programs
Small Stage/Space
Large Stage
The Little Mermaid is a Pre-Teen (9-13) Play
  • Play ID : 1005
  • Total Cast : 13
$35 Per Performance

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