New Acquisition

Pinocchio A Festive Musical is now fully available from Junior Drama!  We’re proud to offer both the physical and downloadable kit for this exciting new show!

The Downloadable Kit contains ($75):

  • Script
  • Music (MP3s)
  • Poster Set
  • Logo Set
  • The Junior Drama Director’s Guide

The Physical Kit Contains ($124.99):

  • Directors Book & Score
  • 10 Librettos
  • Performance CD

There’s just no telling what kind of mischief this famous fictitious puppet will get into today – on his very first day of school! Will Pinocchio follow Geppetto’s instructions to stop briefly at the bookshop on his way through the piazza? Or will the sly Mr. Fox and a silly sidekick Cat convince Pinocchio to spend his two pence on a more interesting investment? This Italian-inspired adaptation features a festive musical theatre score with an exciting, achievable libretto – just right for showcasing the skills of developing performers.

Find out more about this show – click here!

Junior Drama is VERY happy that we can now offer our customers musicals from the Broadway Junior Collection of shows.  From Disney hits like Beauty and the Beast to Broadway favorites like Guys and Dolls – they are all here at Junior Drama!

Through our parent company, Twisted Plays, Junior Drama now offers the MTI Broadway Junior Collection.  The collection features two different types of shows:

  • Kids: 30 minute musicals intended for elementary school children
  • Junior: 60 minute musicals intended for middle school children

There are a few rules that come with a Broadway Junior show.  Your Twisted Rep can help you with that.  The biggest difference between a Broadway Junior show and our regular musicals is that ShowKits are mailed to you and not available as instant downloads.

More information can be found at

We are excited to announce that we have acquired the exclusive rights to adapt the popular children’s book The Wicked Watermelon into a stage play.

The Wicked Watermelon tells the tale of an envious, mean-spirited watermelon who chooses to harm his neighbors—the peaches, plums, and other fruit in a beautiful orchard. How the fruit react to his cunning misbehavior and the consequences of the wicked watermelon’s misdeeds teach young children about bravery, resolve, and unity in the face of a threat to their community and how the most unlikely of characters can turn out to be heroes.

The Wicked Watermelon is written by Linda Suarez and is based on a story her grandmother use to tell her.  More information about the book can be found at  Find out more about the play – CLICK HERE.

Junior Drama is looking for a school or theatre to perform The Wicked Watermelon for FREE and be the pilot production.  We would provide you with all of the needed materials for the play and exclusive rights to perform the play.  The current estimate is that the play will only run about 10 minutes.  While we are only looking for actual productions at this time any teacher who plans on reading the book and would like to act out the play with his/her class should also contact us.  We will offer all materials free of charge to teachers who would write a lesson plan (or two) to go along with our educator’s guide.  Please contact today if your are interested in a pilot production or classroom pilot.

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Junior Drama is happy to announce that we have acquired exclusive rights to Neil Radtke’s play Retreat!

Julia has unexpectedly been put in charge of her first company retreat and is desperate for things to go perfectly. Unfortunately, her hopes for a smooth week are dashed almost as soon as the first guests arrive. An angry boss, a conceited employee, and a strictly prohibited office romance are just the beginning of Julia’s problems. Throw in the mysterious death of one of the guests and Julia finds herself facing a nightmare. The police are called, questions are answered and revelations are made that all lead to a shocking conclusion that nobody could see coming.

“We’re thrilled to offer this great play that’s perfect for high schools, colleges and adults!” says Joe Ferriero, Twisted Plays President.

Retreat is expected to be available by June, 2016.

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The hilarious book by Lisa Bruna is now an award-winning play!  Operation Oddball will soon be part of the Twisted Plays/Junior Drama family.

Oliver Bloom’s day is about to take a turn for the peculiar when he accidentally swallows the seed of a grape and worries it will take root in his belly, sending grapevines growing through his body and out his ears! His zany grape theory gets him branded “the biggest oddball in town” by his know-it-all teen sister, Priscilla, who challenges him to a bet — Find three bigger oddballs before sundown or do three weeks of Priscilla’s chores! With the help of his two younger siblings, Oliver sets out on a madcap quest to prove Priscilla wrong by digging up some real oddballs. There must be at least three of them out there in the world …. right? As the Bloom kids’ mission unravels, a bevy of bona fide oddballs slowly rise to the surface. But can the kids tag three of them before sundown? And will the oddballs be odd enough to win the approval of prickly Priscilla? Or will Oliver, Sonny, and Lola get stuck doing three-weeks-worth of her teen-level chores?

“I knew the second I read this play that we HAD to have it!” says Danielle P. a Twisted Plays licensing representative.

Operation Oddball should be available for licensing in May, 2016.

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