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Junior Drama is proud to present … Junior Drama Classics (JDC).  JDC will be a complete line of classic plays written in modern and contemporary language – perfect for kids and teens.  JDC will contain Shakespeare’s top works as well as others from Greek Mythology, Early Stage Adaptations and Classic literature.  We will officially launch JDC in 2017.  Visit for more information and to see what plays are in the works!

We are excited to announce that we have acquired the exclusive rights to adapt the popular children’s book The Wicked Watermelon into a stage play.

The Wicked Watermelon tells the tale of an envious, mean-spirited watermelon who chooses to harm his neighbors—the peaches, plums, and other fruit in a beautiful orchard. How the fruit react to his cunning misbehavior and the consequences of the wicked watermelon’s misdeeds teach young children about bravery, resolve, and unity in the face of a threat to their community and how the most unlikely of characters can turn out to be heroes.

The Wicked Watermelon is written by Linda Suarez and is based on a story her grandmother use to tell her.  More information about the book can be found at  Find out more about the play – CLICK HERE.

Junior Drama is looking for a school or theatre to perform The Wicked Watermelon for FREE and be the pilot production.  We would provide you with all of the needed materials for the play and exclusive rights to perform the play.  The current estimate is that the play will only run about 10 minutes.  While we are only looking for actual productions at this time any teacher who plans on reading the book and would like to act out the play with his/her class should also contact us.  We will offer all materials free of charge to teachers who would write a lesson plan (or two) to go along with our educator’s guide.  Please contact today if your are interested in a pilot production or classroom pilot.

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