About The Show

I'm Gonna Fly is show for teens about teens. 

Glee + High School Musical + Broadway = I'm Gonna Fly

Abigail is a16 year old NYC teen who loves to sing, dance and act.  When her single mother is transferred to a small rural Minnesota town her dreams of performing on Broadway are shattered!  Abigail's new high school doesn't offer a glee club, musical productions or any singing.  When Abigail realizes that her small high school has some real talent an idea strikes her.  Can she put together a real performance?

Listen to the Titular Song

Cast of Characters

The show is currently written for 5F and 2M with larger roles.  There are several other student roles written into the show.  Currently the show is in development so characters may change.  Listed below are the key players:

  • Abigail …. New girl in town, loves to sing and perform
  • Lessa …. Her mom
  • Janet …. Most popular girl in school, smart and sassy, volleyball player
  • Ken …. Football player, Janet’s boyfriend
  • Jeff …. Has always wanted to sing but was constantly bullied to the point that he hasn’t sang in years
  • Keisha .... a student, who tells her mom that she wants to join the new glee club
  • Mrs. Knight …. Keisha’s mom, guidance counselor at the school; doesn’t support her daughter's choice to join the club; she use to be a singer
  • Other students at the school


The show takes place in modern times.  Most of the show takes place in a rural Minnesota town.  The setting can be as simple or as complex as you want, however the scenes should flow seamlessly from one to the next.

  • NYC Apartment (1 scene)
  • Rural Minnesota High School
    • The Library
    • A Counselors Office
    • School Hallway
    • The Auditorium
  • Small Coffee Shop